Jay To The World Premieres

September 4, 2008
I’ve been using computers for 18 years now, studied Computer Sciene in college for 4 years, been on the internet for 11 years and been blogging for 2 years.   So how come I don’t know a thing about WordPress ?  Simply because I was concentrating on other stuff.   

I just registered on WordPress to learn more about it.  Plus my blogger friends seem to have blogs here too.  I’ll also be attending WordCamp Philippines 2008 and I wouldn’t want to go there not knowing a thing about WordPress.   

I’m also happy I got to register my permanent internet username.  

I initially thought of calling this blog “Jay To The Word” cause it’s on wordpress.  But “Jay To The World” sounds much better, taken from the popular Christmas carol “Joy To The World”.

Thanks for visiting !